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Does anyone know why The Postal Service chose to name their CD "Give Up"?
I've already tried using Google to find interviews or articles that would answer my question, but so far I've turned up nothing. I guess the name just stuck out to me today because it seems like a good idea right now, and I was wondering whether Jimmy & Ben would pick that name as something said out of despair or as a way to form a new beginning.


heres a strange question. i have no acquired, to my knowledge at least, every song Ben Gibbard has officially released. but then i may be way off. heres what i have, please tell me if you can add to this collection...

All Time Quarterback - self-titled
DCFC - You Can Play These Songs WIth Chords
DC - Something About Airplanes
DC - We Have the Facts...
DC - Photo Album
DC - Transatlanticism
DC - Plans (plus 2 iTunes bonus tracks)
DC - Stability EP
DC - John Byrd EP
DC - Forbidden Love EP

as well as a song, "Dream Scream" off of "The Late, Great Daniel Johnston"

then theres the postal service.
Give Up,
We Will Become Silhouttes EP
Such Great Heights single
"Against All Odds" from the Wicker Park Soundtrack
and "Grow Old With Me" from the Make Some Noise EP

and finally, the Home V split with Andrew Kenny.

am i missing anything? anything off soundtracks, comps or the like?

any help would be appreciated.


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Apple’s new Intel-based Macs are shipping, and with it, the company has started a new television promotional campaign to advertise the systems. The ad has caught the attention of indie rockers The Postal Service for their similarity to the band’s video for its song Such Great Heights, which, ironically, is available for sale from the iTunes Music Store.
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